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Hot Topic: Big Data, AI & Algorithms

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HR departments are using big data for recruitment, performance management, succession planning, and more. This can lead to potential negative effects which employers will need to combat. Chatbots and AI based systems are used to screen applicants and assess their traits and skills as compared with high performers. Using these tools can provide more objective criteria, reduced bias and increased accuracy in decision-making. However, algorithms are only as good as the instructions provided. Searching for the same qualities found in high performers can have the unintended consequence of creating a less diverse workforce. Other tools use publicly available information along with machine learning to create a "complete picture" of a candidate. But “publicly available” information is not always correct. AI, robots or machines automate parts of some jobs, creating high-level “superjobs.” There is a down side – the remaining jobs can be commodity work or involve microtasks that are boring or unpleasant. As big data and AI trends continue, companies must take these issues into account. 

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