Maureen K. Ohlhausen

Section Chair - Antitrust & Competition Law (Firmwide) Partner

Maureen Ohlhausen

Washington, D.C.

P: +1.202.639.7726
F: +1.202.585.1064
  • Representing a semiconductor manufacturing company in an FTC anticompetitive conduct investigation
  • Representing a major online company in an FTC investigation that includes privacy, data security, and COPPA issues
  • Representing a large technology company before the Department of Justice in a merger matter
  • Representing a large technology company in an FTC study on non-reportable acquisitions
  • Advising a large grocery retailer on antitrust issues related to anti-competitive pricing strategies and potential monopolistic competition
  • Consulting and representing 21st Century Privacy Coalition before federal and state officials regarding new privacy laws and regulations
  • Advising a multinational online technology company on data privacy, consumer protection, and antitrust issues related to e-commerce, digital platforms and other issues
  • Advising a multinational online technology company related to FTC privacy order compliance, data policy, and related matters, including recommended legislative frameworks
  • Advising a technology company on content moderation, antitrust and privacy law issues affecting the industry
  • Advising a data applications developer on COPPA and other data privacy issues in the creation and deployment of the app and related services
  • Advising companies on compliance strategies and internal data audits, including in a global context involving the cross-border transfer of data

While at the FTC, Maureen's experience included:

  • Directing all aspects of the FTC antitrust work, including merger review, anticompetitive conduct enforcement, litigation strategy, amicus briefs, Congressional testimony, and policy initiative
  • Overseeing and steering all FTC consumer protection law enforcement and policy efforts, with a particular emphasis on technology and telecommunications issues
  • Hearing appeals in administrative adjudications and authoring FTC legal opinions