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Women Making History at Baker Botts - Pat Stanton


San Francisco, CA March 25, 2019 – If you had asked Pat Stanton when she was a kid if she thought she would travel to some of the world’s most fascinating cities as an attorney with a major law firm representing an international developer, she probably would have laughed. Seriously. She remembers as clear as yesterday her first job as a teenager selling souvenirs with her brother, Phil, from their stand on the second deck at Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium during  Cleveland Browns games. “It was so cold and we had to arrive at the stadium at 8 in the morning and would not head home until 8 at night,” she remembers. “We did well for a couple of teenagers. Browns fans are passionate and bought lots of souvenirs!”

Fast forward a few years in her life after she graduated from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in Nursing. She practiced as a nurse in the medical intensive care unit at an inner city university hospital.  She loved the fast pace and the challenging work handling the most complex medical cases, but there was not much opportunity for growth. She thought about medical school and law school and settled on the law after talking with a law student who was a nurse and receiving a much-needed scholarship to law school.   She’s grateful to her parents who worked hard to provide opportunities for their children and who were determined to support her dream to attend college.  “They were my inspiration,” recalls Pat who is a first-generation college student. “ I didn’t want to let them down; I wanted them to be proud of me.”

Now, Pat is the Partner in Charge of the Baker Botts’ San Francisco office. Over the years, she has carved out a practice representing owners and developers of major commercial real estate developments in the United States and around the world. She has worked on development projects in such cities as Barcelona, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Gurgaon, India as well as numerous major cities in the U.S.

Pat is proud to have played a role on projects that are “architecturally significant and that have transformed communities.” In Barcelona, she worked with her client to revitalize a neighborhood in the city that had received little attention since its glory days of hosting the 1992 Summer Olympics.  In Milan, she worked on a project that completely redeveloped the garment district.  In cities like Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Atlanta, she can point to projects her clients developed with her legal assistance that have had major impacts on the skyline and the way in which developers approach real estate.  “It’s exciting and gratifying to see the product of your work,” Pat explains.

What also makes her work enjoyable, she says, is the fact that she works with lawyers and staff who are “excellent” and  “collegial.” “I’ve been here a long time,” Pat says. “What inspires me is the lawyers I work with every day.  At the end of the day, it’s about respecting and liking the people you work with.  That is what I believe is distinctive about this firm.  Lawyers here are not only experienced and of high quality but  they support each other.”

A key to Pat’s success was something she learned when she was one of the first of 14 attorneys in the Baker Botts office in Dallas.  She says a key skill for any woman – or man – at the firm: “Get out of your office and comfort zone and develop clients and then provide distinctive client service to retain them.“  Pat asserts “That’s your currency in the legal business.  I tell young lawyers all the time to maintain their contacts from college and law school and at the firm and to work on developing clients within the firm and outside the firm because that will determine how successful you are as a lawyer.”

When Pat isn’t working on projects  around the world, she loves walking with Jim and their dogs, Zoe and Lexi, on the beach and cooking and baking using her grandmothers’ and mother’s Italian food recipes. Says Pat, “All of my grandparents are from Italy, so I am second generation Italian American.” That’s all to say that her parents – and grandparents – are the special ingredients in the recipe for her success. 

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