Data Privacy: What Boards Need to Know to Avoid Serious Consequences


On October 3, 2019, Baker Botts and the NACD Texas TriCities Chapter will host a diverse speaker panel on Data Privacy. 

You read about another privacy breach in the news almost every day. Facebook paid $5 billion for a privacy breach, British Airways $183 million, Google $56.8 million and Marriott is facing $124 million. GDPR is serious about privacy enforcement. In the U.S., there are hundreds of privacy laws spanning federal and state levels. It’s imperative today for boards members to be knowledgeable about the data privacy landscape and emerging trends in order to assess the state of compliance and privacy protection present for the companies they serve. Join us for a discussion on:

  • Emerging technologies that could improve data privacy and those that could lead to larger or more significant threat
  • Evolving legislative/regulatory landscape including examples of recent breaches and associated consequences
  • Conclusions and key takeaways regarding what Boards need to know and do

Please visit the NACD Texas TriCities Chapter for more information.